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May 29, 2024 - May 31, 2024 Lavanderia a VaporeTorino
  • Kadri Sirel
  • Eugenia Coscarella

An installation curated by Kadri Sirel and Eugenia Coscarella that provides gardening tools, planting paper to really reflect, write and sow. A proposal and invitation to plant and take care of what is moving inside us, oozing, seething from below.

Kadri Sirel and Eugenia Coscarella are dance artists who share an interest in documentation and archiving practices. With the Take-Away Archive, they propose the archive as a place of encounter, where wishes, memories and experiences unfold an archaeology of the future. The Archive forms as we spread out and fill the space with what we wish to plant for future harvests.

Location: Lavanderia a Vapore / Teatro