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Thank you all for joining and contributing to PEACE TALKS on Gotland!

April 11, 2024

Evening School: PEACE TALKS organised by BAC and the artist Kalle Brolin in cooperation with the study association NBV and GRASS Uppsala University Campus Gotland, gathered peace activists, local artists, and researchers to discuss the current and historical peace movements locally, nationally and transnationally.

We would like to share some of the words we received from the participants:

“Hi Kalle!

Thanks again for the evening school Peace Talks in Visby. I gave you a quick greeting last night before I left and asked about what’s happening in Malmö. I am happy to help with a possible evening school in Malmö. Or to create another one if it doesn’t work out. Or just cooking if that is what is needed for example. Or both. I started my PhD in Malmö (Urban Studies) in September and right now I’m thinking that evening schools would be a great way to work. I’m interested in the cultural life in Malmö and the displacement of current culture.

Fortunately, I will be in Visby again in the week in September that you said you would be back too. The entire graduate school to which I belong will be in Visby as well. The research school focuses on “urban regeneration” and many focus on renovations, but I think there is a missing perspective, the one we (I?) experienced during the Peace Talks. I would like to invite the graduate school to the event that would happen as you mentioned yesterday in Visby in September. But I’m also thinking that you might be interested in coming to our meeting and to talk about your work?” — Elsa Le Ber

“Thank you very much for three inspiring evenings with good meetings and important conversations and fantastic food! Together we become strong!” — Birgitta Thole

“It was nice to see the grey-haired peace activists at the seminars. It was also great with some young people from Campus Gotland. Sharp girls!” — Wille Östberg

“We were quite surprised, but happy, when we heard about the BAC project. It’s a very nice initiative, both what Kalle (Brolin) is doing, but also that it has been possible to organise meetings where people can discuss these issues. We live in uncertain times where many people do not feel safer, but rather the opposite.” — Maud Söderberg

“Great peace meetings and inspiration in the White House with BAC and and Kalle Brolin’s evening school. With Grandma Annie in mind.” — Judith Dekker

Thank you all for sharing kind words of support with us. We are looking forward to continue the work we started together!